“How do I get a job in the games industry?”

In response to a question with as many answers as people who ask it, this site is dedicated to anyone interested in pursuing a career in game development.  The objective of I Needs to Make Games is simply to help as many people as possible achieve their dream by:

  • Communicating what life is really like in the games industry
  • Offering advice and providing answers to your specific questions
  • Sharing actionable items that you can follow to secure a game development job

Hello!  My name is Destin Bales and as an eleven year veteran of the video games industry with experience on Dark Age of Camelot, Warhammer Online, City of Heroes, and League of Legends I get this question a lot. “How did you get to make video games for a living?”

This site exists to help others with a passion for creating video games learn more about the industry, and to provide practical tips for breaking into game development.  Despite what you may have heard before there are in fact clear and concrete steps that you can take to achieve your goal.  Here we demystify the process, navigate the game development landscape together, and answer any specific questions that you have.

Regardless of your age, level of education, or relevant work experience, those who are truly dedicated and passionate about making games for a living can absolutely do so.

Let’s get started.  First up – Understanding the Video Game Market.

– Destin

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